We'll Meet Again?

I often get asked  if you can meet loved ones for real  when you're asleep in a dream, those who have passed over? And the answer is yes. While going into complicated explainations is good for some, I prefer to try and keep things as simple as possible so that everyone can understand , so here goes. While we're asleep we enter a different state of consciousness and in some cases it allows us to leave our earthly body and meet in the middle between earth and heaven, , likewise some of those in heaven are able to come down to the middle dimension, and there we can spend time with our loved ones before we come back to our earthly body and they go back to the higher dimension (heaven) . So although it happens while you're in dream state, ie you've gone to bed and are asleep, the actual events that happen are real.
I once had a young woman that came to me who had lost her mum, every night she said she dreamt that she met with her mum and they would sit and hug and chat and w…

Covid Dreaming?

Sadly since Isolation/Lockdown we've been seeing alot more mental illness, and  many people suffering terrible nightmares and understandably so, having your life and daily normality one day, and having it  blown  to pieces the next is not only a major shock physically and mentally, you have to try and find a way to put some of the pieces back together again, just like a jigsaw, only you can't always remember  the picture of a life you probably took for granted and lived automatically without much thought? Alot of the pieces will be missing right now too, so you can't put your life back together the way you want to? 
When Life changes suddenly it's alot for the mind and body to cope with and often produces anxiety on various levels depending on the individual, which can cause you more problems, leaving you in a fight or flight state, nauseas, headaches etc, just as your Life has suddenly been thrown out of kilter, so has your mind and body. it has been used to living by …

Uncomfortably Numb? (Sleep Paralysis)

Have you ever woken up and then suddenly realized you couldn't move? Not a blink, a twitch, a wriggle of a toe even?  Don't worry, you're not alone, sleep paralysis as it's known is very common and even though it's extremely frightening to experience, thankfully most occurrences only last a few seconds. I say "most" because on very rare occasions they can last for much longer. The reason I know this is because many years ago courtesy of a sleep paralysis episode I was unfortunately trapped within this body for nine hours or more,I was in hospital at the time and had been left unfed for 4 days, I was terrified I was going to be pronounced dead or something. Despite having my reflexes whacked with some implement, and prodded with needles which i was really hoping would kick start my body back to life, and me with it, nothing happened, absolutely nothing, I didn't even flinch, I couldn't. 

The weird thing was, before they started with their prodding a…

Mirror Image?

The people in our Dreams are often put there to reflect characteristics we are lacking or would like for ourselves, or that need changing. As humans we can often have a deluded image of ourselves, we don't see ourselves as we really are or how others see us, when there are traits we have or lack that become a problem in our waking life, even if we're not aware we have a problem, a Dream will alert us there is by using other people.
So it's always a good idea to pay attention to those you see in your Dream, they're not always there just to keep you company. It can be really hard to face home truths about our character but by looking at our reflection in others we can learn much. So for example if someone in your Dream is being impatient with other people and maybe shouting at them or/and being rude then there's a good chance that this is how you behave in your waking life, the Dream is alerting you to the fact that it's part of  your make-up that you need to addr…

I Forgot To Remember ?

Hi, So I kept being asked if I had a Dream website, I didn't because since I first started many moons ago  I've only ever worked with those I know and those that come via recommendation and that continues today, but with the popularity of social media I thought I could use a website to write  some articles that  will hopefully help those of you interested in Dreams, so here's the website and the first article, hope you enjoy it?.

Do you spend all night Dreaming, and  think about how you'll have to write it down in the morning, only when you wake up you can't remember a thing?   You actually tell people about it because you find the fact you can't remember so frustrating? You try to remember something, anything but it's no good, it seems that every last detail has been erased from your memory?  Well if this sounds like you?  Read on.......

You don't always have to remember a Dream, and if you ARE meant to remember trust me you will eventually, even if it t…