"A Dream is your own personal Sat Nav guiding you to a better place"

So what happens when you have your Dream translated? I will ask you to email what you can remember of your dream. If you can’t remember much, No worries, with a few simple questions I can often guide you into remembering more.

There are different types of Dream, Ordinary, Lucid, Nightmares/night terrors, Re-occurring, Astro travel & Psychic etc and the first thing I do is  determine what type of experience you were having and then I get to work on translating the actual dream images which is like trying to put  flat pack furniture together with foreign instructions .It requires making alot of notes & scribbles and once that is all done they are  written up in a way that can be easily  understood so that you can make the most of your Dream message.
I also look at colours within the Dream because it's often significant and linked to an individuals Chakras which can tell alot about  your emotions.

Once the translation has been completed and sent, you're more than welcome to  come back and ask questions and we can discuss your translation further. Dream messages often require a plan of action, It could be as simple as just acknowledging something in your head or something that requires more effort, but again these are all things we can discuss together afterwards if you choose.  You can have the translation sent by post, by email, as a word attachment via email, or social media inbox (Facebook, Twitter)

​​Dreams can be a life changer, literally. They are messages sent while we are asleep and alert us to problems in our lives that maybe we aren’t acknowledging or dealing with, if we keep ignoring the problem the Dreams become more frightening, more shocking, more bizarre in an attempt to grab our attention.  While nightmares can be extremely frightening & in some cases traumatic it’s important to remember why they’ve escalated to that stage.  Dream messages are a positive thing and not to be feared. However upsetting a Dream is. the image is rarely literal, so you don't have to be embarrassed to say, there’s nothing I haven't heard, there's no Dream too shocking, there is no Dream that can't be translated. There are different reasons for people wanting their Dreams translated, for some it's because it's impacting on their waking life, others out of curiosity,  whichever and whatever, I pride myself on Confidentiality, In a nutshell, If you want to share your dream translation with others either verbally, physically or digitally on social media etc, then that is for you to decide and you're more than welcome too, but it will never be shared from my end and once our session closes, it's also deleted from my end. 

Q: I can’t be bothered to write my dream down, can’t I just tell you and you do it for me?

A: Nope, I’m a translator not a P.A. Taking time to stop and write your dream down helps you to connect with it and you can often remember more this way too, and in turn it can help you understand your translation better. It’s an important part of the process and shouldn’t be brushed aside lightly.

Q: There's lots of translators on Google what make's you different  & what if I only want to know what one bit of the Dream means?

A: If you’re happy getting your translations from  Google, by all means carry on. From my own personal experience  It wouldn’t be professional to give you “one bit” and would hold no significance whatsoever. There’s a basic meaning for everything and many translators that advertise on Google and other platforms  choose to work with that alone, I don’t, because it means nothing without the rest of the detail. I use the following as an example: There are three people in the waiting room of a Dental surgery, the common denominator is that they all have pain in the same tooth, but it’s not until the Dentist has a look at each of them, does some checks and takes an X-ray that he finds that one needs the tooth removed, one needs a filling and the other one just needs some antibiotics. So the result of “Pain” meant something different for each person and it’s exactly the same with Dream translations, three people could have a Dream about flying but it would depend on the individuals dream and detail as to what the translation was. A Dream message isn’t about “bits” it’s about the whole and each dream is unique to you. It's your message.

Q: What if I don’t like my Dream translation?

A: There’s not a lot I can do about it. We can discuss it, but I can’t change the meaning of it, For example: If I was asked to translate the French word “Bonjour” into English I’d have to say it meant “Hallo” That would be the truth, if I said it meant “Bananas” that would be a lie. I purely translate your Dream, a translation isn’t my own thoughts, views or opinions, if I left things out & withheld the true meaning of your Dream it would be wrong and wholly unprofessional .

Q: If I don’t understand the translation or want to chat about it some more, can I ?

A: Of course, and something I'm more than happy to do. I find that clients often need to read through their translation a few times to digest and process it and that’s totally normal. Sometimes they just want to chat about the significance of their translation or want help with how they can take the suggestions from it and go forward . We don't close the session until you've fully understood your message and you're happy going forward with the information given, that's my priority.

Not everyone shares that they are having bad dreams, so if someone's behavior, especially a child has changed and there doesn't seem to be any evident reason, it's always worth asking, how they are sleeping? If they are having  Dreams or Nightmares ask  how that's making them feel ?  Be understanding, and patient, don't mock, and try and get them to open up and  share it with you, it may be enough for you to know what's going on, but if not you can always come to me or contact another translator. 




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