What Does It Mean?

I  recently  put control of this article over to you. What Dream subject would you like to know about?  You came back with "Flying" "Going for a wee" and "Being chased".....not all at the same time I should hasten to add, at least I don't think so? 🤣

All three requests are  very common subjects that come up time and time again, so let's begin by addressing "Flying". There can be a multitude of reasons for flying in a dream depending on individual situations and life circumstances, from feeling trapped or suffocated or stuck, to feeling controlled by a partner or parent or other, this can also affect children of course? 

Sometimes when our waking life isn't going well it can become overwhelming and we want to get away from it, but can't for whatever reason, so in our dream we fly, we fly because it represents freedom and being unrestricted, this action not only safely releases some of the stress we are holding from our daily waking life but it's also alerting us to the problem that we need to address, that's what dreams do, they alert us, and also physically help us to release emotions that we've been unable to release in our waking state, and that's important because if they didn't get released they would stay stored within the body and eventually cause physical and mental illness, and they also help to guide you to a better place and a better you. 

Flying in a dream can also be about releasing ourselves from our own limitations, as humans we're great at putting ourselves down and sabotaging our own  goals  and so to see yourself flying may be to show you that the only person holding you back is you? 

Moving on to "Going for a wee" in a dream, it's good to remember that everything in a dream is a reflection either of your life, yourself or both, and again there's a number of reasons dependent on individual case and circumstance but in general going for a wee is a way of  releasing stress and anxiety that hasn't been released in your waking state. There are a few  common scenarios, one being that the dreamer is sat on the loo when suddenly there's no walls and everyone can see them, this suggests insecurity and self doubt and not feeling good enough, you feel you're just blagging your way through life and worried that at any moment people will find out just how useless you are at your job or some other situation?

Another scenario is  busting to go for a wee but  not being able to find a toilet, and this suggests major anxiety going on in your waking life and feeling alone, misunderstood and unsupported, but often when I've questioned a client afterwards they've shared that they haven't really asked for help or support and in a lot of cases their partners, parents, friends etc haven't even been aware they've been struggling. It's not always easy to ask for help or share something but if you can allow yourself to do so it can make a difference to your life and be the start of a healing journey . You mustn't give up, just because one or two people haven't been supportive or understanding it doesn't mean everyone is going to be the same, there are a lot of good people out there and  just as you're looking for good people, there are others just like you out there looking for you, but if you quit, you're not going to find them ? 

Being chased in a dream usually happens when we're trying to escape responsibility for something, sometimes we might not feel ready to deal with life situations but have to regardless, it can also be about running away from yourself, if life is overwhelming or there are personal issues and emotions that you don't feel you can handle. A common reason for running away and  being chased in a dream is that we're frightened of failure, so high achievers and those with low self esteem scared of failing at a project or life in general will often have these type of dreams.  When dreams alert us to problems in our waking life it's often not immediately obvious, so trauma from childhood can start suddenly resurfacing in adulthood, and being chased as an adult  in a dream can  actually be the little girl/boy running away from whatever it was that caused them the trauma. Childhood trauma often gets buried and adults crack on with life thinking they're "fine" but everything has to be dealt with in the end, or in later life it will resurface via physical /mental health problems and dreams that eventually turn into nightmares. 
Dreams and Life aren't separate, they are one, by that I mean whatever is going on in your waking life will be taken into your dream-state and whatever happens in your dream-state will be bought back out emotionally into your waking life. One thing I often suggest is to play around with lucid dreaming, for those unfamiliar with it, it's about controlling your dreams to have the outcome you want, this can be hard to do when you're asleep in the middle of a dream but it is possible. But for an example to start with,  if you've been having dreams about being chased, when you go to bed the next night as soon  you get into bed and close your eyes picture the scene, only  this time maybe stop running and turn around and face what/who is chasing you, maybe you could talk, reason with them, compromise, or find some understanding? Or maybe you have to fight them to defeat them?  You can play the scene out as many times as you want, changing it until it plays out how you want it to and the situation is resolved? Often by doing this it can encourage and give you  confidence to face  issues  in your waking state and start dealing with them? 

As I always reiterate, dreams and their meaning are  personal and based on an individuals experience so the translations here are general but I hope they show you the importance of dreams and how you can actually learn a lot about yourself via them and how they can help you to  face situations and go forward ? 

                                                    Forever a life student,                        
                                                          Stay Blessed



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