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Is it  possible to travel while asleep, as in Astral travel or Astral projection? Well, It's a vast subject but in easy terms it's about  an intentional out of body experience where the physical body stays on the bed and the soul leaves the body to travel the universe, it's the same kind of experience  as reported by those after a near death experience, so the answer is yes. Now before you start thinking I'm four Pringles short of a tube let me explain.

The reason I can answer the question is because it's happened to me, I say happened TO me because in my case it wasn't intentional, never have I  been supping on a Horlicks before bed thinking " I hope I get scared shitless tonight and my soul decides to leave my  chubby little body behind and go for a wander?" But that's exactly what happened....apart from the Horlicks bit, come on, I'm not 93 and I can't stand Horlicks?  

I don't expect you to believe what you're about to read, up until it happened to me I very much doubted stories about Astral Travel, I just ask that you remain open, and hopefully one day you might have your own experience, maybe some of you have already? In which case feel free to come share them with me, just as I am about to share this with you for the very first time. 

I was 17yrs old, my mother was waiting for her new bed to arrive but a delay meant that she was going to be without one for a day or two, as I had two singles in my room it was a no brainer for her to sleep in one of them. The beds were side by side about 10" apart, we were both lying on our backs, eyes closed chatting away and at some point I reached out to hold her hand but very quickly got pins and needles.

I let go, and we carried on chatting, but the pins and needles didn't go away, in fact it started spreading up my whole arm and across my chest, I was a bit worried but not enough to actually say anything. We said Goodnight and settled down to sleep but the sensation continued to travel into my face and  across and down the other arm. I remembered reading something once about women and heart attacks, how it wasn't always obvious and symptoms could include pins and needles  in the jaw and upper body. I was scared but if I verbalized it, it would make it true ? But now I was too scared not to, I opened my eyes "Mum I'm scared"   Whoa! everything was blurry, I rubbed my eyes, no, not blurry, it was white swirling smoke? thoughts were panicked and what felt like a million miles an hour, like why is mum not answering me?  I turned over to see her but I couldn't see anything, I was completely surrounded by white swirling smoke. The house is on fire? No, no, there's no flames and no smell, what the hells happening? Yelling now,  Muuuuuuuuum , Mum I'm scared, somethings happening? .... but silence, she's just there, how can she not hear me? 

Then it dawned on me that maybe I really was having a heart attack and I was dying, OMG! I'm dying and this right here was death and mum would wake up in the morning and find me? Oh no, how awful, please no, I don't want that for her?  Although I couldn't see a thing, I knew I was no longer on the bed, I didn't feel as though I was moving but the sensation was of having nothing underneath me, the second realization was that I was no longer breathing, it was such a weird and profound thing, here i was talking to myself and thinking just as I did in my waking life really, apart from the circumstances of course, but there was no air coming out of my mouth or nose,  and my belly and chest weren't rising up and down, they were still......Oh god, I've really died?  My next thought was if this is death it wasn't bad at all, the fear and panic was more about what the hell was happening but the actual transition itself was painless and peaceful. At that moment as if on cue I heard someone breathing, it was coming from behind me, or under me and my immediate thought was "Phew, it's okay someone is breathing for me?"  Why I would think that I do not know, but like I said  the thoughts were really quick and automatic as if they were.... just there, and I felt an instant comfort and relief. 

Suddenly I found myself upright standing on my nan and grandads landing in London Colney, no swirling smoke, I knew I was still me, but I couldn't feel me, it was like I was weightless, so light, and although I felt I was walking I knew I wasn't, it was more like  gliding. My Nan & Grandad had two double rooms one at the back of the house and one at the front, both made up and lived in, so i was never quite sure what room they slept in and which one was for visitors, but I automatically went to the front bedroom, the door was slightly ajar, my grandad was asleep on the door side and my Nan was on the window side. She was sat up, slumped forward having an Asthma attack, occasionally she leant back against the pillows plumped up against the headboard before slumping forward again, gasping.  

There was calm, I was no longer panicked or scared, I walked around the other side of the bed and sat down  in front of my Nan, she couldn't see me, but I knew that, I placed my hands on her lap, and softly gazed at her and then I took her hands  and told her it was going to be okay, I was here. It only seemed minutes but I had no track of time so I don' know how long I was there. I suddenly got up from the bed and went to the window and looked up and down the street, it was still and dimly lit by the lamp light, I'd always loved night scenes but had never seen "Peters Avenue" like this before, I turned back and glanced at my Nan, and then Whooosh! pulled backwards, I can only describe the next bit as being dropped from a height back into my body, I hit the bed with such force it was like being punched in the stomach, I sat bolt upright and gasped but there was no air, the room was still like the white froth of a raging sea,  panic was upon me again, I thumped my chest with the palm of my hand , if I hadn't died the first time, I was about to if I couldn't get air into my lungs .....and then... gasp, air and I slumped back onto my pillows with relief. I was back, I knew that and I knew something profound had just happened and that I would be okay, but I still couldn't see a thing so like a scared child, I curled up into a fetus position, felt about for my covers and pulled them over my head and shut my eyes tightly and waited for morning to arrive.   

Being at work the next day felt weird, I felt in shock and  couldn't get what happened out of my head. Lunchtime came around and as mum had the same lunch break at her work place she picked me up on her way home. as soon as I got in the car she said "Could you do me a favour and ring your nan tonight? Only I rang her this morning and she thought she was going to die last night, she had a really bad asthma attack, she said it was the worst one she's ever had, I think it really scared her, so it will be nice if you ring her" 

Without thinking I blurted out "I know" 

Mum looked at me "What do you mean you know?"

*I was there, I sat with her" . I began telling her everything that had happened, it was such a relief to be able to share it. Thankfully my mums had some spiritual experiences of her own  so she's very open when it comes to unusual events.

While I never experienced Astral travel on earth again, I did visit the Spirit world twice, once when I was 19 and again when I was 24 but that can save for another day, I'm sure there's enough for you to get your head around for now? Don't forget to come share your own experiences with me via comments or inbox.

                                  Forever a Life Student, Stay Blessed



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