Anxiety Dreams?

Are you someone that suffers with anxiety in everyday life? Then chances are, it's going to spill over into your dreams & vice versa until life just feels like one big endless bundle of anxious?

The bottom line is, something in your life is out of balance and needs sorting and your Dream will alert you to this. When it comes to us humans, mental and physical aren't separate, if you hurt your knee,you might have to limp putting more pressure on the other-side of your body? This in turn could  make the hips out of alignment and also cause you pain in that area? Which in turn could make the spine out of alignment which  could mean one shoulder is higher than the other causing more pressure on one side of the neck?  Physical pain can make you feel depressed ...and so on, so one simple knee problem ends up transcending much wider.

It's the same with mental health, transcending wider than just your head, with anxiety it can make a person feel sick or actually be physically  sick, have tummy upset, pins and needles, racing heartbeat, shortness of breath etc.? Our mind and body is connected, dreams do their very best to try and help us cope, although it may not feel like it of course,  but once you understand what is going on, hopefully you will see things differently?

When you go to sleep, you're body will try and release as much of the anxiety as it can for you, safely  via a dream so that it's not stored in your solar plexus, it's the place where we store our emotions, good, bad & ugly and is located in the abdomen, it's a collection of two nerves that intertwine and pass each other. If all your emotions built up in your solar plexus and were never released it could make you very ill. 

The good news is anxiety doesn't just happen to you, you weren't born with anxiety, it's often triggered via a traumatic event/s?   It might've started in childhood, but not shown itself until something triggered it again in adulthood?  Or due to loss or an accident ?  But there are ways of learning to manage it so that you control it rather than the other way around.  

Until you start dealing with problems, they are always going to show up in your dreams and keep showing up until you do something, it doesn't have to be major, as long as you make a start. I've spoken before about how our body  has an inner recording facility and from the moment we're born it starts recording everything, so for example if you touch a hot cooker and burn your hand your body will record that, that's a good thing because it means you probably won't touch a hot cooker again? But that recording facility can also cause us unintentional problems? For example you might see someone get attacked on a bus, and your body will go into a high state of anxiety, fight or flight mode?  Your body is recording all this , so the next time you see a bus, or try to get on a bus, your body will recall the danger and automatically put you in fight or flight mode,  It's just  trying to protect you, but it's  got it out of context of course? The bus didn't do anything to you, it was a situation that's no longer there?   If you leave it and do nothing, then every time you see a bus there will be another recording fueling the recordings already stored of that event, So you have to find a way to wipe that recording ? And the way to do that is by acknowledging there's a problem  and then getting help for it.

Sometimes something as simple as  finally having an understanding of a situation can be  enough to lessen the anxiety so someone can start a managing and healing process?  When this starts, your dreams will also start to change to reflect what's happening in your waking life, just as our minds and bodies are connected, so too are our waking life and our dream state . So don't ignore  your dreams, they really are sent to help you? 
                                                        Forever a Life Student,
                                                              Stay Blessed x 



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