Life Is But a Dream?

The closest most of us can get to experiencing what the  afterlife is like is in our dreams. I'm not talking nightmares here just your usual good vibe dreams. Sound good? Keep reading, When you're in a dream, have you been in one place and then suddenly found yourself in another?  Or you've been in one place and thought you need to be someone else and Boom! you're there? you've not caught the bus or train, or got in a car, you've just simply arrived at the destination you needed to be by thinking of it? Well that's the same that happens in the afterlife.  When it come's to talking in a dream have you ever noticed that although you're having a conversation with someone, your mouths aren't  actually moving and you're  speaking and responding with your minds? It still feels exactly the same as it is in   your waking life , so normal in fact that it doesn't take you by suprise?  For some, in dream state they  don't even realize they are no longer using their mouth, some still do of course, like many things in a dream and in the afterlife there is still choice.

I'm sure you're probably wondering how the hell  I know this stuff and this is where it feels a little weird to share without you  wondering if I'm five Pringles short of a tube?  But the truth is I've been mega fortunate and blessed over the years to experience the afterlife first hand on a few occasions which I will share with you in future posts. I don't of course expect you to take my word for it, while  my friends would label me a cynic I prefer realist, I'm someone who reserves judgment until I've personal  proof of something, and I can tell you hand on heart, never in a million years did I think I would get to experience the things I have, and up until then I too had major doubts of anyone else sharing their own stories. So like I said I don't expect you to believe it, hopefully one day you might have your own experiences and gain your own truth if you haven't already. All that I ask for now is that you keep an open mind. 

And next time you're having a Dream see if you can be more aware of how it feels, how you feel, how you travel, talk, walk, the people you meet etc ?  because you are being given a little taste of heaven.

                                                              Stay Blessed x



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