Life is fragile, I'm sure you've all heard that said at some point or other? But how many really take notice of the words and their meaning ? Life is fragile....I think most of us are guilty of hearing but not really listening?

For those that follow, you will know of my own guilt of hearing but not listening that I've spoken about in the past regarding the loss of my sister and our chat about her Christian faith and the Lords prayer, where I asked her if she was angry with god and she explained that she was sad but not angry because in the Lords Prayer it says "Give us this day" it doesn't say give us this week, month or year? It says "Give us this day" and today is all that we can be sure of ? I spoke about the fact that I'd probably said the Lords prayer in assembly from the time I was five years old and yet I'd never really paid much attention to the words over the years, they were just words. but in that moment spent with my sister who only had a very short time left on the earth plain, despite not being a Christian, (I believe in god without religion/label ) I realized the importance of being given each day and particularly those words "Give us this day"

I'm sharing this with you because this morning Saturday 26th June I was reminded once again about the fragility of life, when I bumped into an elderly lady I've known for decades from my time working in a newsagents way back from the age of 13, her and her husband would often come in to pay their newspaper bill and stand and chat.

As I picked up a basket at my local grocery store, I said my usual "Morning, how are you?" to her,   and she responded with her usual " Morning, I'm good thankyou" but then she paused and shaking her head added "Actually, no, I'm not good, my husband died last week" Just about to head off down the aisle towards the chiller cabinet for a Ginsters cheese and onion slice I stopped in my tracks and immediately leant over and put my hand on her shoulder. She went on to say he'd only gone to the hospital appointment for his arthritic knees, when he'd finished they suggested a blood test so he'd gone to the department and taken his ticket, pleased there wasn't long to wait he sat down. He suddenly turned and said he didn't quite feel well and with that literally slumped back in the chair and was gone, efforts were made to save him but to no avail.

Life had changed in a blink of an eye but she was very resilient in her take on what had happened, saying " There's nothing I can do about it, life doesn't stop, it carries on and so must we, at least we had all those years together and I have wonderful memories to hold on to"

But it was a reminder once again as I hope it will be to you too, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, this moment is all we can be sure of, so don't waste time on cross words over silly things, find time to give time, even if it's to ring, text or email a family member or friend to say "Hi" ? "Love you"? "just sending a hug" or better still all three , don't put off what you may never get the chance to put right, say or do if you leave it til tomorrow? Your grandparents, parents, siblings, aunties, cousins, friends and all the rest won't always be here, so love them and appreciate them while you can because...well, life's fragile.

 Forever a life student

                                                                      Stay Blessed  x 



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