"A Nightmare is just a Dream trying to be heard"

My name is Stacy and I'm a professional Dream Translator adept in the mantic arts of the new age Foundation (a.m.a.n.f) & I live a yogic life here in Watford.  I'm also Ex Watford Observer Columnist and  writer Runnin On Empty and rap/hiphop artist  Mama Chill ........but don't let that put you off 🤣
When I was a child I had the same dream every night for five years,  I didn't understand why it was happening, but eventually I got used to it and in some strange way it became a comfort. I started being able to control  some aspects of the Dream and change bits (Lucid Dreaming) and then one day it just stopped, but it's something I've never forgotten because it was the start of my curiosity and study into Dreams.

I went on to have many wild, weird and often shocking dreams over the years and as my  thirst for knowledge increased so did my research, and although hours, sometimes days of work was required I suddenly found myself being able to translate the most complex of dreams with relative ease.

At the age of 15, family and friends were regularly coming to ask for help, and  impressed with their translations  they would tell other family members and friends. By my late teens I was getting  messages from all over Europe & the States coming via recommendation, & today, decades later I'm still helping adults and children to understand their dream messages, therefore understand themselves better. I always work with spirit guides when translating a dream, or should I say they just come help me out?  It wasn't a conscious decision you see, only a few years ago I  realized without asking I was just automatically guided  and given help during my work and although I've been aware of Spirit for many years, speak to them daily and had many personal experiences, it's not something I've made public...til now that is, It just didn't sit right not to give those upstairs a share in the credit?  The site is about Dreams, but also  life and all things spiritual and I hope you enjoy it? 

                                                  Stay Blessed
                                                       Forever a Life Student x                          



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