When we cross over, the main man won’t say

“So how many selfies you taken today babe? “

Or “How much money did you make?” Or “were you on TV?”

That’s not the reason we were called into being see,

We’ll be asked things like “What difference did you make to the world?”

And “What ripple of change did you start?

How much Love did you put out there, felt by another’s heart?

How many acts of kindness and in words that left your lips?

That you took time to help put someone back together

When they were broken and in bits?


How many times did you find time simply to help someone in need

Without fanfare or viral video and YouTube Monetary greed?

Did you practice what you preach, living by your truth

Or were Kindness and Compassion just empty words

Spoken under a pointed roof?

When the world was hit by Crisis were you the first to close your door?

Or throw it open and embrace the challenge to restore

All those needing comfort in times of trouble and distress

Or did you turn the other cheek, an act of selfishness?


Each day is a brand new day, a chance to wipe the slate,

Even if your 100, if your breathing it’s not too late

When we cross over we won’t be asked about popularity, fame or success

We’ll be asked things like “Did you make the most of your life?” and “Did you do your best?”

And  did you?  Will you be able to answer Yes ?



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