The Other Side? Pt 1

It's often said that after death the after life is like a wonderful dream and having experienced it on a number of occasions I can confirm it is very much the same as in dream state, the only difference being you know it's not, you are still conscious of yourself and your being. After all, your dreams and their messages are sent from the Spirit world in the first place so it makes sense that after death there is a familiarity between the spirit world and our dreams. 

In my last article I promised to share with you some of the experiences I have had but never shared publicly before, as I have stated previously I don't expect you to believe any of it, as someone who deems themselves fairly intelligent and rational thinking, often referred to as a cynic but prefers the term realist, had I not had these experiences for myself I would also be raising an eyebrow. But I can only say hand on heart what I'm about to share with you is a genuine account of what happened.

I was about 18, working while also trying to break into the music business, when I started babysitting for a young brother and sister up the road, the parents had been looking for someone and unbeknown to me  my brothers ex girlfriend had recommended me.  The little girl was 5 and the brother 3, we really formed a close bond and connection, she used to call me her big sister and boast that when I was famous she would be my number one fan. As I was the youngest in my family it felt great to have a little sister and brother, to tickle, to play games with , tell stories to and to tuck into bed and kiss goodnight on the forehead'

Then five years later one weekend while visiting a park with her mum and waiting to cross the road to call for her friend there was a tragic accident, I remember clearly being at work Sunday morning, when my mum rang me to say she'd been in the supermarket and bumped into someone who told her about it and had said she'd died. I was angry and scolded my mother for listening to gossip before putting the phone down. But sadly it turned out to be true and oh how it hurt.

A year went by, and as someone spiritual I had been researching the possibility of temporarily visiting the after life, never for a minute thinking it would actually happen.  I had come across some article that  suggested that while lying in  bed at night, on the inhales of your breath to  imagine  yourself levitating towards the ceiling, with each inhale you move higher and higher. I tried it on and off with no success, and then one night out of the blue  it happened, I could actually feel myself moving towards the ceiling. There was an adrenaline and  a zillion emotions, I was  excited but also terrified at the unknown, part of me wanted it to stop  but there was also that curiousity of what would happen if I just went with it? What would happen? What would I see?  and I may never get the chance again to find out?  and so I pushed through the fear to stay with it. 

It was as though the ceiling suddenly opened up, there was just this big gaping black hole. at this point I knew I had left my body, higher and higher I went horizontally through the dark and then I very gently came into an upright position as though someone had their hands underneath me and had tilted me into this position. I struggle to describe the next bit because there are really no words to explain the magnitude and impact of the colour that was before me. Epic? awesome? amazing? I feel none of it is an accurate or worthy enough description, It will need your imagination, but I will try? It was as though the Sun in all its brightness was shining out of absolutely every individual thing. I was stood on the top of a sloping field, the grass was greener than anything I have ever seen in my entire life, as though the sun was shining out of every single individual blade. To see colours like never before was such a shock and overwhelming I could not move or speak, literally paralyzed by the enormity of its beauty, again I can't reiterate how much.

I was suddenly reminded of a line in a book once read that described heaven as "Summerland"  and at the time thinking it was rather cheesy and twee  I even arrogantly yawned a "Really?" while shaking my head at the authors  Disney style description. But now stood here on this spot I knew exactly what they meant, "Summerland" was indeed a perfect description in every sense of the word  and I felt embarrassment & guilt at my  arrogance, doubt and mockery.

At the bottom  of the slope was a large white house with a white picket fence surrounded by flowers of every colour, the brightness of the white  meant I had to  keep turning my head away, even from that distance it was like looking directly into a torch light.  My head suddenly turned again but this time it was because I was aware of a figure, there  in front of me about 12ft or so away was the 10yr old  girl I'd babysat for, she looked happy and healthy and she gave me a great big smile and then pointed at the house and told me its where she lived now, with lots of other children.

At that moment I saw right up close to the house, It all happened so quickly, I'm not sure how? Whether my eyes were like a zoom lens and able to zoom in and out, or whether  the whole of me had been able to move physically in and back out again. I didn't feel myself moving in any way, only that I could see the house as if standing right outside, once again the brightness of the white paint was blinding, there were lots of children coming out of the house, all laughing, happy, playing, and then I was back standing at the top of the slope again. 

Without me saying anything, as if she could read my thoughts about there being no adults around, she suddenly giggled and said "We have guardians that take care of us"  It was in that moment I realized that we'd been talking with our minds the whole time, but it didn't feel weird,  it was no different than talking with our mouths and yet I no longer had to move my mouth, I just said it in my head and she heard and responded  and vice versa . There was so much to take in, and then she said  "You have to go back now" and as I looked up at her I was suddenly wrenched backward and found myself falling horizontally through the darkness in which I came, it seemed to happen in a blink and I was so angry and frustrated that I'd not been given longer and had time to ask her all the questions I wanted to.                                                           

As if my spirit fell back into my body waiting on the bed with an unceremonious thud , body and spirit struggled to reconnect and I shot bolt upright gasping to breathe, there was nothing, my mouth was open, chest tight, panic, how ironic I'd just come from the spirit world and would be heading back again?.....And then a huge gush of air along with a sigh left my mouth and I fell back onto my pillow with relief, exhaustion, shock, trying to comprehend the enormity of everything that had just happened . It's not something you can just drop into conversation over  the dinner table, or bring up over a rum and coke down the pub with your mates and so it just became another spiritual experience that I kept to myself.

 5yrs later she came back to get me and meet with me once again but I will share that with you in Pt 2 shortly. 

                                               Forever a Life Student

                                                      Stay Blessed




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