The Other Side Pt 2

Continuing on from Pt1 ......Five years had gone by, I hadn't tried to visit the spirit world again via the method I'd learnt of meditation & picturing yourself moving up towards the ceiling on the inhales of breath. Although previously it had been a wonderful experience, it had still been a shock and reminded me that you shouldn't play around with these things, little did I know I wouldn't have to ?

I was lying in bed on my back when I had the urge to open my eyes, that sensation always unnerved me because it was something I'd experienced as a small child, I should explain, I didn't actually want to open my eyes but it was as though something was forcing them open, the feeling becomes so strong its almost as if your eye balls will explode if you don't open them, and whenever this had happened I always ended up seeing something. It had started as a 4yr old back in our old house, when I saw a man in the middle of the night, he was standing by the open bedroom door, although the room was dark his silhouette was lit up by the light of the landing that was left on in case we wanted the toilet. I had realized it wasn't my dad or my brother, this man was shorter? At first it looked a bit like the neighbour Bill from across the road, but I knew it couldn't be him either, he was wearing brown trousers, a jacket, and had brown hair with a floppy fringe. Suddenly he started walking towards me.

I shared a room with my sister, but was so paralyzed with fear I couldn't yell, instead I did the only thing a child often does and buried myself under the covers and squeezed my eyes shut tight and waited, hoping it would all go away? Before too long I started to overheat & suffocate but was terrified of having to pop my head out again, but in the end I was left with no choice. As my head came to the surface, I saw that he had turned around and was walking back towards the door but instead of going out of it, he went straight through the crack where the hinges are, just walked right on through.

For some reason fear was replaced with curiosity and I jumped out of bed and ran onto the landing expecting to see him on the other side of the door, to a little girl it was magic and I wanted to ask him how he'd done it, but there was nothing, he'd gone?  

So as an adult lying there once again with that sensation , I was reluctant to open my eyes, but eventually  did.  Just as in the previous experience Pt1  it was as though the ceiling had opened up, there was a large gaping black hole and the little girl I'd babysat for knelt at the side, leaning down with an outstretched hand, she still appeared aged 10 . I looked away, it can't really be happening?  This is mad? I looked back and she was still there, hand reaching down to me, beckoning me to come.  Once I made the decision to just go with it again, it's as though things were happening based on my thoughts and I found myself moving up towards the ceiling,  but then she was gone. As I continued to move through the darkness horizontally, I was once again suddenly tilted upright and there I was back in exactly the same place I'd been five years previously. 

And there she stood again, only now showing herself at 15, the real age she would be,  her hair had grown and she had some of it tied back, she also had a daisy chain crown on her head. I said something like "Wow, look at you, so grown, you look just like your mum?" and she  smiled from ear to ear and said "Do you think so?" and I was like " Er, yes, you're like a mini version of her, I wish she could see you, she'd be blown away?"  In that moment I felt a sadness and a guilt, that I was getting this experience and not her family. But like most things that happen spiritually or physically on the earth plain, I rarely understand the reasoning? 

She asked if I would sit with her and help her make some more Daisy chains  and I nodded and we sat on the grass opposite each other. Once again I didn't ask any questions, something that still baffles me today. I just somehow already knew the making of the daisy chains was important and in that moment didn't need to ask anything else?  In fact we sat in silence working away , but it didn't feel weird or awkward, it was the complete opposite, there was just a real, warm, loving, comfortable vibe, and then just like the first time, she said "You have to go now" and I started to say " No, can't I stay a little longer, I forgot again? Why do I forget to ask you things? There's so much I want to say to you and ask you?"

At that point I started moving backwards, it was quick, but nowhere near as shocking and jarring as the first time. She smiled and said "Thankyou for helping me make the daisy chains"  and then back into the darkness I fell until  that awful moment of my spirit falling back into my body on the bed with a thud, and shooting upright gasping for air.

There are things I still question today, like I don't understand why we didn't hug, but I'm sure there was a reason? Normally I'd greet someone with a hug and under the circumstances I would have given her the biggest cuddle ever and vice versa, but neither of us even attempted to hug or even hold hands, and although we were in front of each other and sat together a few inches apart there felt like an invisible barrier, that's the only way I can describe it, I now wonder if it had something to do with the fact that mine was a brief experience and I wasn't staying, therefore I could only get so close?

Whatever the reason,  I never met with her again, but I was able to tell her Mum who seemed to draw great comfort from it, and maybe that WAS the reason?

I have been blessed to have many spiritual experiences from an early age and  mainly kept them to myself because I'm well aware for those that haven't experienced anything it could just sound like I'm a fruit loop, and I wouldn't argue with you. But now for some reason I'm being guided to start sharing them, as someone who often writes on social media, talking about this subject publicly feels completely out of my comfort zone, but I have always trusted in Spirit and so over the next few months I will continue sharing some of those experiences.

                                                             Forever a Life Student

                                                                     Stay Blessed



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