Stuck In Slowmo?

Have you ever tried running away in a dream but found yourself stuck, unable to get away from something you're desperately trying to run away from ?  Or maybe you find yourself running in slow motion like a scene out of Baywatch (Only we never look as good do we?) and suddenly hit with panic that you can't get away quick enough?  ....Well you're not alone.

There are a number of reasons this can happen, sometimes it can be that you're trying to rush through something too quickly in your waking life? It might be a difficult personal situation that you want to get over with? Or it could be studying or an exam? The anxiety and stress felt in our waking lives is displayed in our dreams to draw attention. As much as we want to, for our own good we can't always rush things, we have to experience the life lesson meant for us no matter how uncomfortable.
Another reason for this type of dream can be that you're trying to run away from something that you need to face. It could be some type of addiction?  Or something wrong in a relationship?  Or financial problems?  Or some other kind of problem that you are not facing up to and dealing with?  What often happens then, is that you will have a dream where there is a situation that causes a lot of fear and anxiety that make's you want to run away, only that's when you find you cant?  Your dream is alerting you to your waking life situation and until you face up to whatever problem is going on, these dreams will keep resurfacing. As much as we want to, we cannot truly move forward in life until we deal with our problems. Once you start facing up to things and putting thought into action the dreams will start to subside.  

*As with all Dream symbols, the above is only a general explanation. Each dream is unique to the individual and it's meaning dependent on many factors of the whole dream*

Forever a Life Student

Stay Blessed x 



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