We'll Meet Again?

I often get asked  if you can meet loved ones for real  when you're asleep in a dream, those who have passed over? And the answer is yes. While going into complicated explainations is good for some, I prefer to try and keep things as simple as possible so that everyone can understand , so here goes. While we're asleep we enter a different state of consciousness and in some cases it allows us to leave our earthly body and meet in the middle between earth and heaven, , likewise some of those in heaven are able to come down to the middle dimension, and there we can spend time with our loved ones before we come back to our earthly body and they go back to the higher dimension (heaven) . So although it happens while you're in dream state, ie you've gone to bed and are asleep, the actual events that happen are real.

I once had a young woman that came to me who had lost her mum, every night she said she dreamt that she met with her mum and they would sit and hug and chat and would walk together to places they had been over the years and share the memories together . 

She said that if felt so real, the touch of skin, the smell, etc that when she woke in the morning she felt shattered as though she hadn't slept as she'd been too busy sharing time with her mum, it also made her very emotional, while she felt it was real she started questioning her sanity and the whole thing was so overwhelming that she found herself bursting into tears at work and struggling to function during the daytime. 

I was able to reassure her that she wasn't losing her sanity and explain to her that she was really meeting with her mother and how it was happening, which bought her great relief, but what to do next was the problem? When Dreams and spiritual encounters are  seriously impacting on someone's  waking life there needs to be a resolution. 

The problem in this case was that both mother and daughter missed each other terribly, the mother had died off illness in her middle years and felt angry at leaving  her daughter so early. I explained that while both were meeting every night they were stopping each other from going forward, the daughter on the earth plane from seeing out the rest of her journey and the mother on the higher dimension who needed to continue on her journey . The meetings had become distressing for both as they often cried and hugged before parting, and it was already impacting on the daughters waking life and she was rowing with her boyfriend all the time and had started not to recognise herself anymore .

I suggested that the next time she met with her mother, she tell her what we'd discussed and if both were happy , they would make that the last meeting so that they could both carry on with their separate  journeys as they were meant to, knowing that they could and would meet again one day. Each knew the other was safe, now it was about temporarily letting each other go. 

The next time I saw the young woman, she shared with me that she'd done as I'd suggested, and although difficult her mother had agreed it was the right thing to do, they hugged and cried and wished each other well until they met again and then both walked away in opposite directions. In the morning the young woman said she felt as if a huge weight had lifted, but she was apprehensive about  the coming nights, however it all stopped, she was not only sleeping soundly again, she was no longer drained and emotional during the day, she started to have energy and feel joyful again. Part of her was sad that the encounters had stopped but she also knew it was for her own wellbeing, and she also knew that she was lucky to experience such a wonderful thing because not everybody does. It also made her aware that there was indeed an afterlife and that her mum was okay and they would meet again one day, so in that knowledge  she was able to look forward and continue with her own life and journey. 

                                                                 Stay Blessed x



  1. What a beautiful story! I can only imagine how comforted she was to learn that there is an afterlife. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thankyou, for taking the time to read and comment, yes, whatever type of dream, even nightmares, once people understand what's happening, it usually brings great relief followed by joy :) .


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