I Forgot To Remember ?

Hi, So I kept being asked if I had a Dream website, I didn't because since I first started many moons ago  I've only ever worked with those I know and those that come via recommendation and that continues today, but with the popularity of social media I thought I could use a website to write  some articles that  will hopefully help those of you interested in Dreams, so here's the website and the first article, hope you enjoy it?.

Do you spend all night Dreaming, and  think about how you'll have to write it down in the morning, only when you wake up you can't remember a thing?   You actually tell people about it because you find the fact you can't remember so frustrating? You try to remember something, anything but it's no good, it seems that every last detail has been erased from your memory?  Well if this sounds like you?  Read on.......

You don't always have to remember a Dream, and if you ARE meant to remember trust me you will eventually, even if it takes awhile. For many people Dreams are just a way of safely eliminating stored emotions from the body and boy do we store alot over a whole day. Everything has a vibration, so for instance  if someone says something horrible  to you, it can hurt you, they haven't physically touched you and yet you feel this physical hurt. At the time you might feel it in your belly? Or your heart?  the point is you physically feel it and that's because the words carry a vibration and they get stored in your Solar Plexus which is just below the chest cavity.

We might be surrounded by negative people  at home or at work, a toxic office where there's aot of of bitching and stress?  Noise from road works or other unpleasant noises? All carry a vibration.  Our brains not only take in huge amounts of data over a day, our senses are also constantly working.....And yes, all coming with a vibration that ends up  dumped in your Solar Plexus. and that needs to be released otherwise it eventually  impacts on your physical and mental well being. 

So very cleverly while you're asleep you have a Dream that allows you to release all those stored vibrations , In the dream you might go to the toilet alot, or projectile vomit, or you might shout at someone or have a fight, you might see yourself with a large hammer bashing down walls, or running fast, depending on your individual stored emotions you will have the dream needed for you to release what's needed . So not every Dream you have needs to be remembered, if you wake up knowing that you had one but nothing else? Don't feel frustrated, just be grateful that while you were sleeping your rather awesome body was working on your behalf  to get rid of all those toxic emotions out of your system?

                                                                      Stay Blessed x


  1. "For many people Dreams are just a way of safely eliminating stored emotions from the body and boy do we store alot over a whole day." SO TRUE! I know that the dreams I do remember always correlate with how I've been feeling or what I've been thinking about in real life. I'm interested to read more on your blog, dreams are so fascinating.

    1. Hi, thank-you for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy the articles to come. :)


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