Covid Dreaming?

Sadly since Isolation/Lockdown we've been seeing alot more mental illness, and  many people suffering terrible nightmares and understandably so, having your life and daily normality one day, and having it  blown  to pieces the next is not only a major shock physically and mentally, you have to try and find a way to put some of the pieces back together again, just like a jigsaw, only you can't always remember  the picture of a life you probably took for granted and lived automatically without much thought? Alot of the pieces will be missing right now too, so you can't put your life back together the way you want to? 

When Life changes suddenly it's alot for the mind and body to cope with and often produces anxiety on various levels depending on the individual, which can cause you more problems, leaving you in a fight or flight state, nauseas, headaches etc, just as your Life has suddenly been thrown out of kilter, so has your mind and body. it has been used to living by a daily structure that has suddenly stopped, If you ate 5 chocolate biscuits every morning for ten years and then instead of cutting down you just stopped, you're mind and body isn't going to be happy about it and will let you know. Although all different, our daily normality/structure/routine is like our daily addiction that has suddenly stopped without warning, hence why so many people are struggling.

I faced this 30yrs ago when I got M.E and  lost everything that had been my normal, for millions around the world chronically ill isolation/lockdown has been our new "normal" for decdes, but it allows me to understand what many are going through today, panic, worry, grief and those terrible nightmares. Try to remember the situation you're in right now is temporary, try to stay calm, I know it can be easier said than done, but  step back , take a deep breath and look and think about things logically, most people are in the same boat so you are not alone with this crisis, worry about money, paying bills, your job etc are going through the minds of millions of people all over the world, also worrying and making yourself ill won't actually change anything, it won't create something positive, all it does is fuel the anxiety that you're already feeling ? Take one moment at a time, don't be thinking about an hours time or tomorrow or next week, you can't do anything about that until it comes, so just live in the moment, keep your mind on the now and try and keep distracted with a hobby, even if it's just doing a wordsearch, distracting the mind is so important and can really help to take a break from the anxiety. 

Lastly, nightmares, because people have been given plenty of time to reflect, in some cases it's opening a can of worms and things people might've suppressed from childhood or just earlier on in life are resurfacing. In most cases the nightmares are just a form of protection and a way for your body to release all the stress and anxiety while your sleeping so as not to make you seriously ill, so it's a good thing, even if it feels scary at the time. But if the nightmares are continuing and becoming distressing or you feel they've been triggered by this Covid pandemic and strange times but are due to something from the past then you can get in touch and I will help you, free of charge while we're in this Isolation/lockdown situation. 

                                                                         Stay Blessed x



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