Mirror Image?

The people in our Dreams are often put there to reflect characteristics we are lacking or would like for ourselves, or that need changing. As humans we can often have a deluded image of ourselves, we don't see ourselves as we really are or how others see us, when there are traits we have or lack that become a problem in our waking life, even if we're not aware we have a problem, a Dream will alert us there is by using other people.
So it's always a good idea to pay attention to those you see in your Dream, they're not always there just to keep you company. It can be really hard to face home truths about our character but by looking at our reflection in others we can learn much. So for example if someone in your Dream is being impatient with other people and maybe shouting at them or/and being rude then there's a good chance that this is how you behave in your waking life, the Dream is alerting you to the fact that it's part of  your make-up that you need to address. You might see someone in your Dream that is really confident  and again this could be a trait that you lack and the Dream alerts you that your confidence is something that needs to be worked on. The people in our Dream don't have to be the same age or gender to teach us lessons, it might even be a child. 

Animals can also reflect our traits, so in your Dream there might be a cat or dog that follows you everywhere as if glued to your side, this could indicate that in your waking life you're too needy and it may be a little suffocating to others around you. We don't always see our flaws but we can accept they are there. Throughout life I've often been told that I'm stubborn, now, it's not a trait I've particularly noticed, I follow my gut instinct and stand by that and that can be viewed as stubborn? However, due to the fact the word "Stubborn" has come up on more than several occasions I accept it's a trait that I have even if I can't see it, and therefore try to be aware of it when dealing with others. 

 Dreams are extremely powerful and simply put, each person in your Dream is like a mirror reflecting  your good points, not so good points and the things that need changing, if you take notice, it can be a wonderful way to learn and grow. 

Stay Blessed x


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